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Simon Prize

The Simon Memorial Prize was established in 1956 to mark the outstanding work of Sir Francis Simon who was a key figure among those who founded the Group. It is given approximately every three years for distinguished work in experimental or theoretical low temperature physics. The award is made by the committee of the IOP Low Temperature Group who are also the trustees.

To date, the recipients have been:

Dr H London (1959)
Dr I M Lifschitz (1961)
Professor H E Hall and Professor W F Vinen jointly (1963)
Professor J C Wheatley (1965)
Dr K A G Mendelssohn (1968)
Professor W Meissner (1970)
Academician P L Kapitza (1973)
Dr D M Lee, Dr D D Osheroff and Dr R C Richardson jointly (1976)
Professor A J Leggett (1981)
Professor D O Edwards (1983)
Professor Yu V Sharvin (1986
Dr R A Webb (1989)
Dr E Varoquaux and Dr O Avenel jointly (1992)
Professor A Andreev (1995)
Professor A M Guenault and Professor G R Pickett jointly (1998)
Professor G Frossati (2001)
Professor G E Volovik (2004)
Yasunobu Nakamura and Jaw-Shen Tsai (2008)

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